Our journey began with ‘flipping’ houses that were run-down, and bringing them back to life with a new and improved design. In the meantime, we were working toward acquiring all the certifications and permits to build our own homes from scratch.

Expansion and Innovation2019

Flash forward to 2019, where we have successfully built container homes in Palm Beach, Broward, and Miami-Dade County. Ecotainer Concept has now expanded its Opa Locka plant to 8,000 square feet and is involved in over 50 different projects, with many more to come!

Light Steel Frame2022

Since 2022, we started building with light steel frame. Conventional Steel is already pretty eco-friendly compared to common building materials like brick, wood and croncrete. However, there are types of steel out there that are even greener. Light gauge steel, sometimes called cold-formed steel, is made by forming sheets of the material into various shapes, either with a press or by roll-forming. Unlike conventional structural supports, there is no heat required, cutting down on emissions.